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What are the Top Three Endoscopy Products?

16.03.2021 • Products

What are the top three most important products for your endoscopic procedures? Our Endoscopy Team enlightened us about what these products are, their features and what makes them unique to our customers.

1. Biopsy Forceps and Swinging Biopsy Forceps

All Biopsy Forceps are designed to be used in minimally invasive GI and urologic endoscopy procedures to collect biopsy specimens.

Which features will help you take your endoscopic procedure to the next level?
  • The unique length markers on the insertion sheath will assist you when inserting and withdrawing from the endoscope. Located at the distal end which shows in detail how far the forceps out of the endoscope. They are also located in the middle of the sheath which identifies when the forceps end-tip is getting close to the endoscope distal tip. This provides you with the accuracy you need when you need it.
  • The pivot feature in the swinging biopsy forceps can help reduce, if not eliminate the need for additional maneuvering of the endoscope within difficult areas of the GI tract such as the Oesophagus.
  • Both types of biopsy forceps are fenestrated allowing a clear view of the tissue through the forceps.

2. Polypectomy Snares

Polypectomy Snares are used endoscopically in the removal of diminutive polyps, sessile polyps, pedunculated polyps, and tissue within the GI tract.

Why are our snares unique?
  • They have a self-contained metal loop that is opened over the polyp and then closed to capture and remove the polyp tissue.
  • The braided wire combines the strength of a firm snare with the flexibility of a soft snare to help with the accurately capturing tissue. This combination can also help reduce the need for additional snare inventory in the GI suite.
  • What our customers really value is the length markers on the snare handle to help with accuracy during procedure with insertion and withdrawal process.

3. Haemostasis Clips

During endoscopic interventions, Haemostasis Clips are commonly used to control GI bleeding and facilitate wound healing by clipping the tissue together.

But what makes our Haemostasis Clips a sure-fire bet for your clinic?
  • They have an ergonomic handle designed with users in mind. We can offer a true ‘one-handed’ firing for our devices.
  • Unlike many others, the Haemostasis Clips from Key Surgical can be opened and closed 30 times before firing, giving you the peace of mind during the procedure.
  • Our Haemostasis Clips have the benefit of being positional and rotatable for improved accuracy and performance.

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