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What is Electro Lube®?

14.10.2020 • Products

Electro Lube is an anti-stick solution used in electro surgery, designed to keep tissue from sticking to the electrode instrument tip. It protects the instrument from damage caused by charring and scraping. By using Electro Lube it will help keep your instruments clean during the procedure and prevent eschar build up; helping improve quality of the electro surgery process and ultimately also the reprocessing cycle.

What is the history of Electro Lube?

Electro Lube was created by an OR Nurse in America who did not want to keep cleaning eschar build up off the electrode tips during surgery. He partnered with chemist to create the phospholipid-based solution to save time in surgeries from hand backs but also decreasing the risk of surgical complications improving overall patient safety.

What are the benefits of Electro Lube?

Less eschar on the instrument tips, increase the surgeon's visibility particularly for delicate instruments it can help with vision of the field as char can cause visual obstruction. By reducing the eschar build-up, it also reduces cleaning during operating times theatres with less hand backs but also reduces post-procedure cleaning as well. It also improves the quality of the electrosurgery process and means it can help reduce complications such as preventing bleeders and reducing tearing. It also means a quicker healing time for the patient.


Where can Electro Lube be used?
It can be used on all Electro Surgical areas, common areas is all electro surgery and electrocautery procedures in areas such as Gynaecology, General Surgery, Urology, ENT, Plastic Surgery or Robotics.
How do you use Electro Lube?
  1. Dispense pouch contents onto sterile field. 
  2. Remove paper backing from foam pad and place foam pad onto sterile drape. Note: The foam pad includes a barium filament for radiopacity.
  3. Remove cap and apply Electro Lube onto foam pad or dip electrode tip into bottle.
  4. Wipe electrode tip on foam pad to leave a thin film.
  5. Repeat as needed.

How is Electro Lube sterilised?

Electro Lube is sterilised through gamma processing in a Class Il sterilization facility. It is an insulator not a conductor so this ensures that Electro Lube will not cause sparks. It does not impede energy flow. Most importantly it is non-toxic!!
How do I find out more information about Electro Lube and order a sample?
‘Electro lube allows surgeons to concentrate on the patient rather than waiting for a probe to be cleaned and handed back , reducing surgery time for the patient less time under anaesthetic also reducing time and costs on cleaning and replacing damaged instruments a fantastic product.’ – Pauline Whiter
Please contact Pauline Whiter if you would like more information or if you would like to try it out for yourself with a sample: pauline@keysurgical.co.uk