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Adhesive Remover - Citrus based solvent

30.09.2021 • Products

Adhesive Remover
The new Key Surgical Adhesive Remover is an instrument-friendly solution designed to dissolve tape residue and restore instrument surfaces to their original condition.
This low odour solvent is instrument safe and non- hazardous for the user and the Environment. Blended with citrus based solvents, the adhesive remover is safe to use on even the most delicate of instruments.

Our Adhesive Remover is the solution you need to make the process of removing the stickiest residue as efficient as possible. It can be used on a range of different of surfaces such as trays and basins but most importantly instruments as well.

Whilst designed to be used within reprocessing, our adhesive remover can be used with a variety of healthcare settings ranging from CSSD to the office.

Available as a single 200ml unit or a pack of 6, 200ml bottles.

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